Topic 5 Analyze misconceptions and myths surrounding GBV


  1. Violence against women is a problem that only affects women 
  2. There is no solution to the violence against  women 
  3. Men can’t control their anger
  4. Violence does not affect all women
  5. Physical violence is the only form of violence against women
  6. Only women wants GBV to end
  7. A sexist joke is not that serious
  8. A stranger is more likely  to abuse 
  9. Sexual violence services are widely available for women and girls, but not for men and boys 


  1. Violence affects women’s and children’s health and leads to poverty and marginalization, so it impacts both genders
  2. Violence against women is a result of learned attitudes and norms, but it can be stopped by promoting respect and equality in families and society
  3. Violence is a choice that it is not automatically link to anger
  4. Violence can impact women through social, economic, cultural and family backgrounds
  5. Physical, sexual, emotional or mental harm is considered abusing 
  6. Many men treat women as equals and advocate for equal rights for everyone
  7. Sexist jokes promote sexist behaviors and stereotypes
  8. Only 2% of the abusers are strangers
  9. Significant gaps exist in sexual violence services for women and girls as well as for men and boys and survivors of other genders