Topic 3 Recognize the challenges in reporting GBV and the importance of creating supportive reporting mechanisms in basketball settings

Is it easy to change the sport community?


  1. The field of sports consists of coaches, sponsors, fan, the media, and many other members,  creating a complex  ecosystem. Communication among the members of the ecosystem is not always direct.
  2. The ideologies, the operational methods, and laws in sports are not consistent but vary from country to country. Consequently, the framework of deviant violence in sports is not stable. 
  3. Athletes who experience deviant violence often do not communicate their experiences because they fear they will ruin their careers, won’t be believed and  for various other reasons.


  1. Dealing with deviant violence should be approached separately in each subgroup, using different methods, making the process even more challenging
  2. There will be difficulty in adapting laws and strategies that will be implemented to change the standards.
  3. Existing support systems for the perpetrator are inadequate.

Why facing GBV in sports is so important

Supportive reporting mechanisms in basketball settings.

Cooperation of the team members for the occupation of GBV

  1. Improving the psychological, physical and emotional state of the athletes.
  2. Awareness of gender equality 
  3. Safety environment for athletes 
  4. Healthy and fair competition framework
  5. Downgrading of stereotypes