Topic 2 Women rights in the Western Balkans

In the Western Balkans, even if significant steps have been taken towards gender equality, there is still a lot of room for development. In particular, women’s participation in the workplace has remained almost stable. Furthermore, it is crucial to examine the handling of gender-based violence in the Balkan regions. Research has shown that most women, when they fall victim to violence, are unlikely to trust either the judicial or legal system, as they perceive them to be corrupt, and their fears are often validated(Ermira Danaj, Andrea Čolak, Nevena Dičić Kostić, Sofija Vrbaški, 2023). At times, victims are confronted with retaliatory attitudes from the perpetrators, or even worse, they’re forced to shoulder the blame, shifting responsibility from the perpetrators to themselves. Moreover, as far as concerns domestic violence, the lack of provision and protection reinforce both patriarchal norms and gender-based violence.