Topic 1 The main forms of GBV in basketball

Coach power 

Coaches have significant power over athletes and that gives them the opportunity to abuse their athletes  without  consequences. Researches  have shown that this form of violence is more common for women.

Sports media

In sports media, male athletes are typically praised for their athletic abilities, while female athletes often receive comments focused on their appearance, perpetuating stereotypes..

Win at all-Costs

The pressure athletes face to win constitutes  psychological violence. This form of violence pushes the athlete to surpass their physical limits.


Gender-based violence is often normalized in sports, with harmful behaviors sometimes seen as necessary for improving athletes' skills. This represents a troubling instance of overlooked misconduct.


Stereotypes existing in the sports industry create the misconception that men are better suited for more competitive sports, that demanding strength and intelligence, while woman excel in gentler sports like synchronized swimming. This creates psychological violence for both genders. According to these stereotypes, women shouldn't engage in basketball.

Sport industry

Girls, athletes are being sexualized by sport industry. For example, they are facing body shaming, inequitable media coverage and funding and demeaning comments.