Unit 3 Evaluating the impact of GBV in the Basketball Community

Learning Objectives

By the end of this Unit, learners are expected to

  • Evaluate the effects of GBV on individuals and teams in basketball.
  • Develop an understanding of the legal and ethical implications of GBV in sports.
  • Recognize challenges in reporting GBV and the need for supportive mechanisms.

Key words

GBV Effects

Legal Implications

Reporting Challenges

Ethical Implications

Supportive Mechanisms


At first glance, the basketball industry appears to promote a fun and engaging sport. However, it is sometimes exploited as an excuse, a cover, or even a generator for gender-based violence. Sports should nurture both the mind and the body, rather than fostering environments conducive to abuse. Without a doubt, basketball must advocate for gender equality, rather than supporting gender disparities. By encouraging an inclusive and respectful environment, basketball can be a motivation for social change.