#Cancel Gender Based Violence in Basket (CGBV in Basket) is an Erasmus+ Sports project that runs from December 2022 to November 2024.

The COVID-19 pandemic has intensified the problem of gender-based violence, according to the EU Commission’s Proposal of March 8, 2021 on addressing GBV. According to the EU-wide FRA survey, one-third of women in the EU had experienced physical or sexual abuse since turning 15. In the realm of sports, there is a disproportionate amount of violence against female athletes since gender stereotypes lead to a lack of respect for a large number of female athletes globally. The physical and mental health of the victims can suffer irreparable consequences from any violent abuse directed against women or people in general. So far, the phenomenon of the physical or psychological abuse against women athletes is still underreported. In the EU member-states, the concept of ‘gender-based violence’ is unknown in the context of sport. Now, it is high time for all to be aware that women and men are equal and complementary and there is no discrimination within the society and especially in the field of sports. #Cancel GBV in Basket is aiming to reach the gap between the problem and the ways of dealing with it, to encourage the victims to share their thoughts with their coaches, to educate the athletes not to harm other people, and to create a case management system that can eliminate the violent issues. CGBV in Basket is a collaboration among four Basketball Federations, namely, the Hellenic, the Cypriot, the Bulgarian and of North  Macedonian Basketball Federations, and social researchers from AKMI and Center for Social Innovation (CSI-CY).



To early detect deviant behavior of athletes in basketball for ensuring a high level of security within basketball.


To actively engage athletes in activities for the elimination of Cancel GBV in Basketball.


To provide psychological and legal support tailored to the specific needs of victims in Basketball.


To raise awareness regarding Cancel GBV in Basketball at an EU level.

Target groups

Basketball coaches, trainers, and staff, who will be trained on how to detect the early signs of athletes’ deviant behaviour, in order to prevent parts of sport culture that may contribute to unhealthy, and inappropriate relationship behaviour, through recognizing, and addressing Cancel GBV in Basketball.

Vulnerable victims, and especially women athletes from the basketball community who suffer from any kind of abuse or discrimination will be provided with legal or mental assistance for their empowerment. We are going to include in the target group athletes who have received aggressive behaviours from their co-players, gender discrimination, or any kind of exclusion, and violence within the basketball environment.

 Basketball athletes who will be engaged in cognitive behavioural therapy activities, for the elimination of Cancel GBV in Basketball grassroots. Basketball athletes will learn about GBV, the forms it can take, the characteristics of th victims and the offenders, as well as its impact on society for the prevention of violent incidents.

 National basketball associations who will be responsible for detecting and dealing with the deviant behaviours of young athletes through the implementation of a case management system that will evaluate and monitor violent incidents, through the determination of technical requirements for the case management of GBV, providing support tailored to the specific needs of victims of violence against women.

Stakeholders, namely sport federations, basketball organizations, sports psychologists, and the general public in a process that will establish a more inclusive environment for women athletes without gender stereotypes, and discrimination.

Work Packages

The project has five Work Packages (WPs) in total:

WP1: Project management and coordination
WP2: Early Detection of Cancel GBV in Basketball
WP3: Cognitive behavioral therapy activities for Tackling GBV and discrimination among athletes
WP4: Case management system for tackling Gender Based Violence (GBV) and discrimination in sports
WP5: Dissemination & Communication Activities